March 2019 TBR

Happy March everyone,

It has been a while since I did a TBR and I kinda want to give myself a reading list for this month. I have a lot of books planned this month that I will hopefully read this month.

Image result for The emperors blade

I saw this at a bookstore, read the synopsis and picked it up automatically. It deals with an emperor’s death, and his daughter and two sons must deal with the consequences and their father’s last wish. It looks like a very complex fantasy novel which I am excited to read.

Image result for grim lovelies

This is a book I got from an Amazon gift card that I got for Christmas, and it also seemed very interesting, and of course the Parisian setting isn’t bad either. It looks like a very unique premise with “beasties”.

Image result for girl of paper and fire

I finally was put off the waiting list for this book. It was a book I missed in 2018, and I really want to read this. I am trying to read a lot more diverse fantasy, and this seems like my cup of tea.

Image result for paper girls vol 1

I finished reading Y: The Last Man, and I really enjoyed. I also read some of Saga and really loving it. I was told that since I am a fan of Brian K. Vaughan’s writing and was recommended this book.

Image result for eternal empires comic vol 1

Okay, I have to admit, this was a cover check out from the library. I mean just look at that cover and tell me that you wouldn’t want to read it. It also has a cool premise dealing with warring kingdoms which I am always happy to read.