Favorite Fictional Couples

Hello and Happy Valentine’s day to you all.

In order to celebrate I will be telling you my favorite fictional couples from books, movies and TV shows. As it is the day of love it will be nice to celebrate some great romances.

Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

I know there are other couples like, Cinder and Kai, Scarlett and Wolf and; Winter and Jacin. But I loved those two together because they had a great connection, especially in when Cress ad Throne were stuck in the desert trying to get rescued.

Jesper and Wylan from Six of Crows duology

Another great couple from one of my favorite series. They also had a lot of great chemistry in the book. With Wylan trying to find his place in the group with Jesper helping him through it all.

Day and June from Legend trilogy

While it did start off as little bit of insta-love. I loved Day and June as a couple. They worked really well together in the series and you actually wanted them together and to stay together till the end.

Sandy and Kirsten Cohen from The OC

One of the epitomes of relationship goals, who always know what is best for their family and each other. Plus they created Seth Cohen and that is just awesome already.

Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights

Like Sandy and Kirsten, they show that married people can be awesome and stay together. They also work really well together both in the school and at home.

Chandler and Monica from Friends

I know would say that Ross and Rachel, but I think Chandler and Monica were the better couple in Friends, mainly because it wasn’t a will they won’t they. They actually stayed together until the end of the show and had children. I especially loved it when they first started dating that they had to hid it from everyone.

Those are my favorite fictional couples. What are your favorite fictional couples? Let me know in the comments below, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day



Twilight: Good or Bad-Discussion Post

Hello everyone,

As I said, one of my 2017 goals for the blog is to have more discussion posts. It will most likely every other week depending on my schedule.

For my first discussion post I want to discuss something that I feel divided a lot of the YA bookish community is Twilight.

Twilight, the book series by Stephanie Meyer is always the subject of controversy when it comes to YA books. Some people love it and think it is the best thing ever, and arguing over Team Edward or Team Jacob. Some people think it is the worst thing ever, set the women movement back several years and should be burned in the fire pits of Mordor.

So now I will be giving my thoughts of the Twilight series. I think it is just okay. Its not terrible but it is not that great either. This post will most likely discuss why the Twilight series is so divisive.

My history of the Twilight series, started when my sister was reading the series. I always wanted to know about that giant book she was reading was all about, so I decided to read the first book and thought it was okay, it seemed like a very different take on vampire lore, but since vampires have been around for a long time it was nice to see some changes to it.

It got a new generation of young people into reading: This is very important . During my time of the Twilight seines, after the series was over I looked in the YA section and saw another series which happened to be The Hunger Games, and the rest is history. For a lot of other readers Twilight marked the beginning of their reading journey and how they love YA today. For most its a nostalgic trip to their beginnings.

The soundtrack: Say what you will about the movies, but the soundtrack is amazing I love all the songs from “Eyes on Fire” “Flightless Bird” “Turning page” and many more. I really does a good job at incorporating the music with the movie. It’s also on rotation on my Spotify.

VAMPIRE”S DON’T SPARKLE!!!: Yeah this is a controversial one. One of the main complaints about the Twilight series is the portrayal of vampires and mainly how they sparkle in in sunlight instead of usual melting. I don’t really have a problem with that because in the many years that vampire stories have been around there have always been loopholes to get vampires out in daylight like with the Vampire Diaries/The Originals and the use of daylight rings. But for a lot this was the line crosser. I could see why that would be a problems because it “retcons” the vampire lore. But vampire lore has always been rewritten and many different authors have always made changes to how they see vampires.

The Character of Bella: In an age in which YA is full of bad ass heroines like, Celeana, June, Katniss, Tris, Hermione, and tons of others, Bella is always seen as very weak and mostly a damsel. Bella is a black slate character who doesn’t really have any real personality and most of her story arc deals with her boyfriend Edward and her best friend Jacob. The problem is that it is main story arc. While I don’t have a problem with romance novels, but the problem here is that her characteristics are defined by who she is with rather than who she is as an individual. If anything the character of Jacob gets actual character development especially in Breaking Dawn. I feel Bella got some development in Breaking Dawn as well dealing with trying to protect her daughter. I didn’t feel like she truly grew as a character and didn’t go through any challenges.

Popularity Backlash: I first read Twilight around the time I started college in 2006, before the movie was even announced. Like I said I thought is a okay and I finished the series. Once the first movie came out, it was everywhere. This is the term I like to use is popularity backlash, when something becomes so popular that is has to be hated upon. With each movie being released the more resentment it got from the general public. You were suppose to “hate” Twilight, or it become cool to hate it.

The Ending: The ending to Breaking Dawn, I think was a very anti climatic ending I have ever read. It was just a lot of build up and than nothing really happened. The movie tried to fix it with a pretty descent action sequence but than it was all a vision in Alice’s mind, which made it look worse. That is where a lot of people even the die-hard Twilight fans really hated that ending.

In the end the Twilight series was a huge phenomenon that got a whole generation of teens and young adults into reading. Also to answer the question is it good or bad? I think its a bit of both. I will always remember Twilight as one of the series that me into YA, while yes I know it has problems but its still an enjoyable series.

So what do you think of the Twilight? What do you like or dislike about the series? What other discussion topics would you like me to do? Let me know in the comments below.