Summer Blogger Promo Tour

Hey everyone,

I know I was suppose to do this last week, but there was some communication problems. But now I decided to combine both weeks.

1. What is the Summer Blogger Promo Tour?
The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is a summer tour that we’ve put together at The Book Bratz that helps a bunch of bloggers both new and old link up with each other and collab on fun posts throughout the summer!

My partner is Lili @ Utopia State of Mind

My name is Lili and I am a scholar at heart, obsessed with SFF and always carrying a book wherever I go (including to the top of a dormant volcano and mountain for Instagram photos). I did my Masters and BA in Women’s Studies and English Literature. I lived in Germany for three years and am now working in the publishing industry. I am obsessed with diversity and use Utopia State Of Mind to champion books I feel deserve more praise and attention (including smaller presses and indie authors).

Some facts about Lili:

1. I don’t even remember the first series I read. When I was in elementary school I read The Encyclopedia Brown Series and then after that I binge read every Tamora Pierce book I could get my hands on.
2. Right now I actually work in publishing at the moment, so I get to work with books on both sides of the curtain!
3. When I was in college I studied English Literature and Women’s Studies. Then I did a Master’s in English Studies.
4. I read a lot of everything really from science fiction to historical fiction, literary fiction to YA, and more! If we were talking about other things I’m recently obsessed with, it’d have to be comic books!
5. What is my life that isn’t just books? I love to dance and sing, for fun of course, but it’s something I wish I was able to do more of.
6. I grew up in a very musical family. I can’t play the piano really, because my mom was my teacher and you know how those situations end…
7. I’ve only recently gotten into fandom, but I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I enjoyed Harry Potter, I just never really got into it. Oh, I am a big fan of superhero things, I’ve seen like every Marvel movie at least twice. I saw Thor Ragnarok twice in theaters.
8. The only real video games I like to play are those co-op ones. And those types of situations end a lot in me yelling. I make a great team player.

9. Right now I’m back in New York, but I grew up in in New York, went to school in Pennsylvania, and moved to Germany for three years since High School.

10. My favorite book series would have to be….The Reader, The Speaker, and The Storyteller from Traci Chee – if you’re talking about recent favorites. Old school nostalgia favorites include The Immortals Quartet from Tamora Pierce and The Fallen Kingdom Trilogy from Garth Nix.

11. The most influential book seems like a cruel question – and I know I’m the one who made it up! Gosh, I guess it would be Sabriel by Garth Nix.

12. I don’t know what the first books I bought for myself were. I spent my childhood and, almost whole life in a library, until I moved to Germany. I took out almost 100 books every two weeks it felt like, especially when they were picture books!

13. I have re-read not too many books actually. Maybe Frankenstein? Or Heart of Darkness? I was assigned those two texts multiple times.

14. I own the entire Fallen Kingdom Trilogy twice in two different editions with different covers. Yes. I’m that person.

15. My favorite character is another of those cruel questions I devised myself. Well, I really like Phedre from Kushiel’s Dart, Sabriel (duh), Daine, I can only really think of my nostalgic favorites by name.

16. I am a true Ravenclaw with Slytherin ambitions, which really means that I’m entirely intellectual and justice oriented, but very ambitious.
We decided to do a Top 10 Tuesday on a Sunday and the topic is Favorite Covers that haven’t been released yet.

Image result for song of the dead sarah glenn marshImage result for lady's guide to petticoats and piracy

Image result for wildcard marie luImage result for internment samira ahmed

Those are just a few of my favorite to be released covers. Check out Lili’s Post for other fabulous covers


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