Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Events Themes

Happy Wednesday everyone, and here is another Top 5 Wednesday and the topic is:

May 10th: Books as Event Themes
— It’s party season, whether that is high school prom, weddings, or summer holiday events. What books would make a good party/event theme??

Top 5 Wednesday is a group in Goodreads and was formerly created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey and is now done by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. It is open to everyone.

Another great topic, because theme parties are always great to have.

A Red Wedding from A Song of Ice and Fire

Okay, so it won’t have the violence of the actual Red Wedding, but a Game of Thrones type wedding will be good. I would hopefully troll the guests by playing “The Rains of Castamere” and see who would start running for the exits.

Lord of the Rings

Any Lord of the Rings themed party would be amazing. I would even make food from Middle Earth.

The works of Stephen King

This would be an amazing Halloween party and everyone would dress up as their favorite character from a Stephen King novel. My favorite would be Pennywise from It.


A Queen of Hearts themed party would be amazing, and it would be set like Alice in Wonderland.

The Wizard of Oz

Maybe its because I am on a Wicked kick, but I have always loved the land of Oz, and the world it created. Also for my own personal taste the party will be a heavy rotation of Wicked songs.

Those are the book theme parties I would like to have. What book theme parties would you like? Let me know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Events Themes

    • As a lifelong nerd, I have attended and hosted more than my fair share of Harry Potter book release parties. HP parties are the best in part b/c the food possibilities are amazing. Chocolate-covered pretzel wands, rice-krispie snitches, I even once tried a repulsive recipe I found online for butterbeer (gagging just remembering). Decorations are also very easy and the nerd level is typically off the charts.

      I was part of a book club once that did activities based on the books we read. Here are some ones that were particularly hilarious (and way too fun considering no kids were allowed):

      Ender’s Game: laser tag party
      Fight Club: rented a blow up boxing ring in the park
      Murder on the Orient Express: murder mystery dinner party (got one of those kits)
      Hunger Games: archery lesson

      I also knew someone who had the most kickass Alice in Wonderland Themed party with a whole tea party, croquet, and races across the yard, though I didn’t get to go to that one.


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