Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Polarizing Books

Happy Wednesday everyone, and here is another Top 5 Wednesday and the topic is:

January 18th: Favorite Polarizing Books
–These are books that people either tend to love or hate, with no in between. Pick some of your favorites that fall into this category.

Another great topic because I have a lot of books that I really like, but a lot of people hate.

Top 5 Wednesday is a group in Goodreads and was formerly created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey and is now done by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. It is open to everyone.

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

This book is sort of like Lost in terms of divisiveness. But the reason why like this series is because of the characters. All of the characters had great development and good arcs and you wanted to see what would happen to them as the series went. While I did feel that the series got weaker as it went on, I still enjoyed reading the series.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

While Mockingjay isn’t my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy and it kinda does suffer from Return of the Jedi syndrome especially following a great book like Catching Fire. A lot of people didn’t like how dark the ending came but I like the fact that it had a bitter sweet ending.

The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

This book came out around the time of the Twilight series and vampires were everywhere. Thinking about the series I actually fairly enjoyed the series more than I thought. A lot of people don’t really like the series, mainly because of the comparison to the Twilight series.

The Gossip Girl series by Cecily Von Ziegesar

A lot of people know Gossip Girl mainly because of the TV show, and yes the TV show takes a lot of liberties from the books, but I actually really like the books, and it maybe cliche for me to say that the book is better. But at least the TV show actually did a good job with the character of Serena and making her not to perfect.

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

Surprised! So am I. Even after my discussion of Twilight: Good or Bad, I can’t help but say that I actually like the series. I know the millions of problems that the books has, but this book did get me back into reading again especially after the ending of Harry Potter. Even as a an adult I can still look back at the series as more of a nostalgia trip.

Those are my favorite polarizing books. What are your favorite polarizing books? Let me know in the comments below.



7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Polarizing Books

  1. thebookprophet says:

    I have split opinions on all of The Hunger Games books. I liked them but I also got bored while reading them. I love The Maze Runner, I think because the protagonist is a boy which I haven’t experienced much of.


  2. Livia (traveling between pages) says:

    Ah, the good old Twilight 🙂 Even though I’m way past my Twilight-phase, it’ll always have a special place in my heart.


  3. I was a HUGE fan of the Vampire Academy and Twilight series back in the day. I don’t regret reading them at all, although I know they are riddled with flaws. I’m not a major fan of the Maze Runner series, but I did enjoy it for the most part. As of right now, though, I prefer the movies to the books. I kind of skimmed Mockingjay, because it just didn’t hold my interest like the last two, but I thought the ending was somewhat fitting for the series 🙂


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