Hype or Like Friday: Pleasant Surprise

Happy Friday everyone,

The Theme for December is Year End reads of 2016 and the Book of the Month is A Thousand Pieces of You

Hype or Like Friday is a meme created by Jillian, Larkin, and Britt to discuss about hyped books and see if they’re hyped up or not. There would be book of the month that you can read, and the post your review for it on the end of the month, then rate it whether it’s a hype it or like it.

December 2: Pleasant Surprise – What books did you read in 2016 that you weren’t expecting much from but ending up completely loving?

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Okay, I feel like I have talked about this book way to many times, but I can’t help it its amazing. The reason why I didn’t think much of it at first is because when I read Shadow and Bone, I wasn’t that impressed with it and I didn’t continue the series and I wasn’t in a big hurry to read Six of Crows. When I finally read the book, I was blown away on how good the book was and rushed to read Crooked Kingdom. The characters are amazing and they reminded me a lot of the crew of Serenity from the show Firefly, a band of misfits who are “bad guys”.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This was a book I was afraid of reading mainly due to hype. I heard nothing but good things about the book and it surprised me mainly because of how unconventional the book was. It was told through emails, IMs, and security footage and it still told a great story.

Serpentine by Cindy Pon

This was a book a bought on whim, it was 99 cents and the premise did feel interesting enough for me to buy it, and it was surprisingly good. I love the infusion of Chinese Mythology and Folklore with fantasy elements. It was also done by an author that I haven’t seen much of but I am glad I read her and would like to read more of Cindy Pon’s work.

Vicious by VE Schwab

This was an author I have heard many good things about, and like I said earlier I am afraid to read any hyped up books, but I really didn’t think the book would be that good. VE Schwab really knows how to write well developed characters both good and bad, and it made for a really compelling story.

Those were my pleasant surprises of the year. Which books were you pleasantly surprised by? Let me in comments!

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Hype or Like Friday: Pleasant Surprise

  1. Geronimo Reads says:

    I want to read Vicious very bad! I just started The Archived today, though, so at least I’m reading one of her novels. Illuminae was a pleasant surprise for me, too! I didn’t know how I’d like the mixed media, but it was a really fun read. Thanks so much for joining us this week!!

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