A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir (Spoiler Talk)

This is a spoiler talk about A Torch Against the Night. As I said in my review for this book, if you haven’t read the book please go to my spoiler free review here.

Be warned the spoilers will be heavy.

There was so much I wanted to talk about in this book.

First, I love how the book just started right away with Laia and Elias on the run and I loved how he went face-to-face with his mother, The Commandant, and boy was she as vicious as she was in the last book. She stabs him in what looks like a flesh wound, but she really poisoned him and it is slowly killing him.

Throughout most of book Elias is going in between the life and death and that would cause his seizure, and even though he is basically dying he is still willing to fight for his life.

The main plot for Laia surrounded trying to break her brother out of prison. She does it with the help of the rebels from the previous book, Keenan and Izzi. While she doesn’t get a lot in terms of development at first, I really did like her plot. Also Izzi’s death was very brutal, as she was one of my favorite characters.

Now let me talk about the Keenan twist. When Keenan was first introduced in the last book, I really thought he would be another Jacob and how his only purpose is to be another boy to fight fro Laia’s affection, and even throughout the book some of their romance kinda warmed me over until you find out Keenan wasn’t Keenan at all he was basically a demon taking a human form. At first I thought it was a cheep twist and than I really thought about it and I thought it was a very clever twist.

This is also where Helene has POV chapters and I loved her chapters. I love how you kinda see her going deeper into into the Empire and getting a little more darker. I like how she works for the Empire to try to protect her family even if her family was mostly against them. When she finds out that the Commandant was trying to take over she tried to tell Emperor Marcus and let’s just say that it doesn’t go well. The consequences resulted in most of family being executed and her only surviving sister is set to marry Marcus. In the end of the book she basically goes full on dark mode. Throughout the book you keep seeing her conflicted in taking out Elias and even almost letting him escape. I really think Helene maybe one of my favorite characters.

I also loved the prison break in, when Elias had to go undercover in the prison to find Darin and he befriends Tas. I loved Elias and Tas friendship throughout those chapters and I liked how he had to protect Tas. There was also a scene during the prison break , where I thought Elias was going die, when you see him in the “in-between” talking to the Shaeva, the Soul Cather and making a deal with her, in order to become her successor, and a new Soul Catcher.

There is my spoiler talk on A Torch Against the Night. I know there was a lot I most likely forgot about, this book just had so much to talk about. Is there anything I missed? What were your favorite moments about the book, or what are your predictions for the next books. Let me know in the comments below.


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