Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunters Review with spoilers

Tuesday was the season finale of the Freeform series Shadowhunters based on the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. Click here for my first impressions of the series.

First let me describe my history of the series, to be completely honest I only read the first two books and than I stopped. I hopefully will pick up the series again. With that said I don’t really have any context of how the TV show holds up to the book series, so I am judging this as a TV show itself.

Also while I am at it let me give you my views of the 2013 movie. It was ok, nothing special.

At first I felt that the series started the same as the movie, going to the club and Clary sees the Shadowhunters hunting demons. I felt the show started off a bit slow, but in regards to the fact that it is a supernatural show the show has to introduce the characters, plot and the  world to an audience who mostly didn’t read the books, but I think the show did a good job.

Now for the character. I actually prefer show Clary and Jace to movie Clary and Jace. They actually have chemistry and Jace doesn’t sound too emo. I also felt that the romance was handled a little better than the show. I actually like more of the supporting cast which includes Alec, Isabelle and Simon also did a pretty good job.

My main problem with the series is a lot of the plot lines. A first they have to get the Mortal Cup, than have to rescue Simon from vampires, Simon actually turning into a vampire, the politics of the Institute, Alec’s coming out story, plot line with the wolves, finding Valentine, saving Clary’s mother and dealing with the fact the Clary and Jace turned out to be brother and sister. I felt that with so many plot lines it was hard to keep track of what was going on and this is from someone who watches and enjoys Game of Thrones. I think the season could have used a bit more a polish just make the series a little more cohesive.

I also really hated the Clary and Jace brother-sister twist and I know from friends who have read the book what really happened, but even than the plot-line was stupid to begin with. I also think that the Alec coming out story line could have been better handled without him trying to marry a girl and than go for Magnus at the wedding.

I know the show did take liberties in regards to the book series, but I am not judging the show on how good an adaptation just on the show itself. As show I thought it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully in future they could make the plots more cohesive.

Grade: B-


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