House of Cards Season 4 (with Spoilers)

I finally finished House of Cards season 4 and now let me review.

I think this season was a lot better than last season because it had a better narative flow without getting caught up in subplots. This season picks up where it left off with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) leaving Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in the middle of his primary campaign, and going to see her mother (played by Ellen Burnstyn). Claire also has her own political agenda and trying to run for a vacant seat in her hometown.

Frank is also dealing with trying to win the Democratic nomination to run for reelection, and dealing with Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) as his opponent. I feel the story really picked up is the assassination attempt on Frank, done by Lucas Goodwin who was involved with Zoey Barnes who was killed back in season 2. Even though Frank was out of commission within those few episodes it gave an opportunity for other cast members to shine such as Donald Blythe, Frank’s Vice President who had to take power while Frank was in the hospital recovering. Also Doug Stamper his chief of staff, having to step up. I also think that Robin Wright was phenomenal in those episodes dealing with Frank’s assassination attempt both with performance and also behind the camera (she directed the 4th episode when the assassination toke place).

After the assassination I think the show didn’t slow down in terms of storytelling. With Frank securing the nomination, he had to deal with the Republican nominee William Conway (Joel Kinnamen), who is basically if JFK was on the Republican party. I think Joel Kinnamen was great in the few episodes he was on in the back half of the season. I like that at first he is the laid back candidate who is young and ambitious, but then at the end of the season he is almost as bad as Frank.

If I were to point out a negative about the season is how characters such as, ¬†Heather Dunbar, Jackie Sharpe and Remy were sort of push off to the side and didn’t have a lot of story like they did in previous season, but it did have a reason, especially when an article comes out about Frank Underwood in the Washington Herald.

Another not really negative, but a point in the show when one must has to suspend disbelief is how Claire became Frank’s running mate in the election. I know its a fictional drama series but it did seem really strange that it happened.

All in all, I think this season was very good and much better than season 3. The performances was still amazing and the way the season ended makes me even excited for the next season.

Grade: A

Best Episodes: Chapter 43 and Chapter 52

Season MVP: Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey

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