My Thoughts on Indiana Jones 5

Yesterday, if you may not have heard it was announced that Disney/Lucasfilm is planning on having another Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford starring and Steven Spielberg directing.

For my own history of Indiana Jones, I am a fan of the movies mainly, Raiders of the Lost Arc and Temple of Doom, I even kinda like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (i know, i know).So of course, this news excited me because I would love to see more Indiana Jones movies, since Disney is doing a good job with the Star Wars franchise, it only makes sense to bring back Indiana Jones.

My only reservation is that Harrison Ford, as great of an actor he is, is not getting any younger, so so I don’t know if he will play Indiana Jones full time or try to pass the torch (or hat and whip) to someone else.

What I would like to see is Indiana Jones reunited with Short Round (now possibly played by Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead), and have them team up and maybe hopefully if it all goes well he gets to lead the franchise. But that’s just my opinion. I hope this new film will at least get the public more confident in the Indiana Jones franchise and have it become resurrected like the Star Wars franchise.

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