Superbowl Trailers

Yesterday was the Superbowl and that means new trailers for upcoming movies and I till countdown to the ones I am excited for.

  1. Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: This was a movie I initially wasn’t excited for because the first movie was a little underwhelming. But with this trailer it seems that they are embracing the cartooney side of the Ninja Turtles from the 80s cartoon. Also what got me excited was the inclusion of Beebop, Rocksteady, Casey Jones and KRANG!! I am actually excited about the movie.

2. Xmen Apocalypse: The 3rd movie of the Xmen First Class trilogy if you say. Gives us a new threatening villain in Apocalypse and inclusions of young versions of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Night-crawler, and Storm. With also new characters such as Jubilee and Psylocke. Since I loved XMen: Days of Future Past with Brian Singer back in the directors chair this could be an amazing movie.

3. The Jungle Book: Next in the long line of live action animated Disney movies. Iron Man director Jon Favreau and giving us great visuals, and if it is anything like Iron Man, it could be well done.

4. Independence Day Resurgence: In a sequel to a movie made over 20 years ago, the aliens are back and causing a whole lot of destruction. This is a movie I am not very excited about, mainly because I am very weary about sequels made after 20 years.

5. Captain America: Civil War: Now this is one of the movies I am insanely excited about. It also gave us new footage including whose on whose side and a new Iron Man wrist suit.

6. Jason Bourne: Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass is back in the Bourne series, and even though it was only 30 seconds it made me the most excited about seeing Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne.

Those are the Superbowl trailers do have a favorite let me know in the comments below.

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