Broadchurch: Season 1 and 2

Next in my TV show review, I am reviewing the BBC series Broadchurch starring David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) and Olivia Coleman (Hot Fuzz). The series is about the murder of a young boy and how a small town is affected. Also the role the media plays in the investigation

The series opens in which a young boy named Daniel Latimer is found dead on the beach and the case beitng investigated my DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman). Also playing a big role in the story is the parents of Daniel Latimer played by Jodie Whittaker (Attack the Block) and Andrew Buchan (Nowhere Boy). While season focuses primarily on the Latimer investigation, season two deals with the criminal trial which introduces the prosecutor Jocelyn Knight (Charlotte Rampling) and the defense attorney Sharon Bishop (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). As the season goes on what seemed like an open and shut case, the trial takes many twists and turns.



One of the main strenghths of the series is that it is not just a detective that focuses primarmarily of the investigation, but also deals with the aftermath and how the family of the victim is affected. Also the performances are outstanding espacially coming from David Tennant who is coming from playing as I said in my Jessica Jones review, going from playing the charming Doctor, to a very deep dramatic character. Also giving great performances is Olivia Coleman and Jodie Whittaker, who is fantastic as a grieving mother.

I heard there might be a third season, but I see seasons 1 and 2 as a complete arc with all loose ends tied up

That is all I am saying about the show because I don’t want to give too much away. Both seasons are on Netflix and I highly recommend it.

Grade: A

Series MVP: David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker


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