Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Hello everyone,

This is my first book tag, this was originated by Emma of emmmabooks on Youtube. Sounded interesting so I will give it a shot.


  1. Totally should’ve gotten a sequel: I can’t really think of any because most of the books I read are either great books that stand of their own or books that are part of a series. Sorry about that.
  2. Totally should’ve had a spin-off series:  Harry Potter; a prequel series that deals with the first Wizarding War, the rise of the Death Eaters, and the Mauraders which include; James, Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew. Even after reading all 7 books their is still so much story that could be told and hopefully could peak into a Harry Potter expanded universe. A prequel series also involving the founders of Hogwarts could also be a compelling read.
  3. An author who should write more books: Suzanne Collins; after writing the Hunger Games trilogy, which is one of my favorite series and I really want to see if she could write other stories. I know she wrote others pre-Hunger Games, but please give us more.
  4. A character that should have ended up with someone else: Sorry don’t really have one. Most of the books I read the characters are with whoever they belong with.
  5. Totally should have ended differently: Legend Trilogy or Champion; Even though its one of my all-time favorite series, the ending I felt was almost a cop-out, without really spoiling anything I think the book should have had a more darker ending, and went all the way.
  6. Totally should’ve had a movie franchise: Legend trilogy and Lunar Chronicles, yes both are one of my all time favorites, and I could see great films from those book. Now please do not try to split the last book in two, it’s getting old and very annoying.
  7. Totally should’ve had a TV series: Vampire Academy, I only read one of the books and saw the movie. My main problem with the movie is that it felt too much like a pilot and not like a movie, and I think a TV series can do the book justice and a better job at developing the characters.
  8. Totally should’ve had one point of view: Quarantine series the Loners: The problem is mainly how it was written and the points of view weren’t distinguishable from each other and made the book very confusing of what was actually going on.
  9. Totally should’ve had a cover change: The Maze Runner, I though the book was great but the cover just seemed to bland and it didn’t get my attention.
  10. Totally should’ve keep their cover: Mistborn, the first cover I thought was great, the second was all-right, should’ve kept the original for more consistency
  11. Book that should’ve stopped at one: Divergent. Really loved the first book but the series got weaker as it went on.    

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