Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 1

Jessica Jones is one of several TV shows set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe just like Daredevil which came before it, and it stars Krysten Ritter as the titular character. Also like Daredevil while it is set within the MCU it is far enough that it can come up with its own stories and also very street level, so don’t go expecting Iron Man or Captain America to help her out. She also has powers in which she can jump real high and has unbelievable strength.

Now for the series, its AWESOME. Now let me tell you why. First of all, Krysten Ritter is Emmy worthy for her performance and knows how to be what is supposdly an unlikable anti-hero. Also she plays a charcter that has dealt with a signifacnt trauma which is bascially rape and also deal with PTSD and guilt for what she has done. Also very good, David Tennant as Kilgrave or the Purple Man and he plays what I think is one of greatest villians in comic book adaptation since Heath Ledger as the Joker from The Dark Knight. As a Doctor Who fan it blows my mind how David Tennant can go from the charming Doctor to the predotory Killgrave.

Another character is Luke Cage played by Mike Coultor, He will get his own series as well. But even though he has a few great episodes I am already impressed and can’t wait for his new series coming this year.

What makes the show great is not just the great cast but the fact that as a comic book show it doesn’t feel like a comic book show. It is more of a film-noir that just so happens to have people who have powers. I am very excited with the next Marvel netflix series.

Season MVP: Krysten Ritter and David Tennant

Best episode: A.K.A Sin Bin and AKA 1000 cuts

Grade: A

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