Transparent: Season 2


Now I want to discuss a TV show I really love. This one is Transparent brought to us by Jill Solloway, who was a writer/producer of another show I really love; Six Feet Under.

The story of Transparent tells us the story of Maura Pfefferrman (Jeffrey Tambor), who was once Mort, and is coming out as trans very late in life to her children; Sarah (Amy Landecker), Josh (Jay Duplass), and Ally (Gaby Hoffman). Season one was a very good season, and focuses primarily on Maura journey as a trans women and  going through their transition. My main problem is that while Maura’s story is great, the children arent as well developed. During season one Sarah divorces her husband for another women Tammy, who she met in college. That storyline was very rushed. Josh, who is a music producer deals with his group and the fact that one of his clients had an abortion that was his baby, also very rushed. Ally, I feel was one of the only children that had significant develop, delaing with the fact that she is broke and in between jobs with no direction in her life until her Moppa transition she wants to go back to school.

Season 2 picks up right at Sarah and Tammy’s wedding, in which Sarah has had second thoughts about. Josh who is in the process of settling down with a Rabbi named Raquel who he met the previous season, and Ally is starting graduate school. This is the season where I feel that the characters are getting much more development, and acting is getting much stronger. I thought that this show would suffer from the “sophomore slump” in which a show with a strong first season, has a lesser second season. For examples see “Empire” and “True Detective”. If I were to pick a favorite story line it would be the Germany flashback. At first it would feel random but it actually ties in to the Pfefferman’s story, as Glittel (Hari Nef, real life transgender model) is going through a similar transition in Nazi Germany. Another great story line is Maura’s relationship with Davina and Shea, as she discovers their transgender experience, and acknowledging her own privilege as a trans women who has a loving family. I think this was a faboulous season and cannot wait till season 3.

Season MVP: Jay Dupless and Jeffery Tambor

Best Episode: Man on the Land

Grade: A

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